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Don't Move

Don't Move

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Allison By grizzybear96 Updated Oct 10, 2016

Maka and Soul find themselves having a playful little brawl when suddenly they reach a certain point-or "position"-that plants Soul in a somewhat compromising situation, one that he wouldn't really mind much if they stayed like that for a while.

However, after this encounter, they find themselves royally screwed in terms of resonating. Until they can find a way to come to terms with this new turn in their maybe-not-so-platonic-anymore partnership, they may just have to deal with the possibility of being pulled from their resonance team - of which they had always been the strongest to resonate - or worse, face one of their greater fears: the termination of their partnership. Can they solve the little kink that has made its way into their lives? Or will they suffer out in the battlefield before then?

TheyCallMeEris TheyCallMeEris Oct 04, 2016
I swear to God every f*cking SoMa fanfic has a part like this
ackermanxbooty ackermanxbooty May 31, 2016
Me: *blinks twice*
                              Realization: 👀 *slaps me across the face*
                              Me: WHAT IN THE NAME OF DEATH WHYYYYYYYYYY DID YOU DO WHAT YOU DID THEN CHILD UGHHHHH *chucks table, Maka chopping random readers*
Rainbowgamer64 Rainbowgamer64 Oct 03, 2016
.....ou yeah and it's probably Crystal..m(aka @missbrebre1012 )
SilviaStoll SilviaStoll Jan 31
you were right they are ROOOYALYY SCREWED!!!
lovesmusic2020 lovesmusic2020 Nov 12, 2016
Do it thats what they all say when I don't want to do sonething
Rainbowgamer64 Rainbowgamer64 Oct 03, 2016
Pretty sure @missbrebre1012 would think differently about soul..