His Arranged Bride

His Arranged Bride

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Previously known as Married to the CEO

Published on 24-09-2017

Meet Ethan Mariano, an egotistical billionaire who never takes no for an answer, a man who has everything he could ever wish for and everyone bows down to him. They called him a man with no heart. Well of course for he was a beast in human skin. A man who can get any woman under his sheets in a matter of seconds. After all, being famous does have its perks, but what would happen when he meets that one girl who seems to not be affected by his charms or good looks but rather will have his guts hang in a lion's den, his head chopped off and feed to the crows and his genitals as alligator's food?

Meet Sophia Torres, the only heir of the Multi-Billion-dollar estate recovering from the shock that her father has passed away leaving her and her mother to fend for themselves. But what she wasn't aware of is that her father left a will. With the death of her father, she figures that her life wasn't as perfect as it seems but was rather coated with lies and betrayal, leaving her to make one decision; a decision that may either ruin her life forever or change it for the better. 

She is earth, and he is the sky, want to know what happens when the two meets?

Read to find out...

Copyright © to Neeya

Note: All characters and incidents are fictional if however, is related to real life is purely coincidental

ohh it's very interesting story i feel like i'm gonna love this book
Good work on the Prologue. Can't wait to read more. Keep up the great work :) You are Awesome!
wickedsweet wickedsweet Sep 08
Sounds good! Interested to know the connection between Kathrine and Sophia.
Nice prologue and sounds good ! I'm looking forward to read the new set up  whatever u  change everything I really do ur story 📚
seerat_11 seerat_11 Sep 05, 2016
I'm so sorry. I couldn't start reading it earlier.. I was busy with my own story.. amazing start. Loved it. You are so inspiring!😘
nudeluxe nudeluxe Feb 19
I just started reading this although it has been in my library for awhile now and honestly i already love it. Like the guy has such a cheeky character hehe