Married to the CEO

Married to the CEO

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Neeya By XxNeeyaxX Updated Nov 27

A Billionaire Romance Series Book 1: Married to the CEO

Sophia Torres a fresh college graduate of Princeton University, who is about start living her dream, when it all came down to crush her world when her mother, announce that on her father's will, his last testament was that she will have to marry, Ethan Mariano, the son, of one of New York City richest billionaire and the CEO of many leading multinational and Private companies.

Ethan Mariano is a cocky, arrogant, heartless businessman, who takes what he wants when he wants, and no is not an answer. Although, being the famous man he is, he had his fair share of woman but what will happen when he meets his match?

The girl who dares to challenge him, and plans to make him regret he marries her. But how long can she resist the handsome, alluring young man who she is arranged to marry to, when she is also attracted to him?


"No Sexual Attraction, huh?" he smirks. Way to spoil the moment. I pushed him aside. 

"There is none!"


"Yes!" I exclaimed. His hand grabbed the sides of my waist, then slowly trails downwards, sliding up the hem of my pink and gold strap silk nightgown. I dug my fingers in the side of the pillow, squirming at his ticklish trails. I didn't stop him or knock his hand away; instead I savored the touch of his hands on mine. His hand moved downwards then paint circles on his way up again, moving close to my sex. Reaching the hem of my pink lace underwear, he slid his hand down to my sex brushing his fingers lightly in a downwards and upwards motion. 

"Then, how come you are so wet?"

Copyright © to Neeya

Note: All characters and incidents are fictional, if however is related to real life is pure coincidental.

seerat_11 seerat_11 Sep 05
I'm so sorry. I couldn't start reading it earlier.. I was busy with my own story.. amazing start. Loved it. You are so inspiring!😘
I like this book already..great work on the beginning..writer I appreciate this story a lot..💖
vitucita vitucita Nov 22
What happened to them in HS? I kind of got lost there. Did it like explain what happened or what?
I have to re read this story, because I totally forgot what it's about. So get ready sweetheart, for a ton of comments😏i
Just started reading, and I don't think I'll place my eyes on something else, Tiana you talented
I like this book already..great work on the beginning..writer I appreciate this story a lot..💖