My Dirty Two.

My Dirty Two.

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Shannon Gray By The_Howling_Wolf_01 Completed

This is a repost as my other account shannonlovestaffee/Mysterious_Gray got deleted.
Chapter Twelve is Private, if you want to read that chapter, you gotta follow me.


With that I get up and leg it as fast as I can back home. But I hear two vicious howls and two pairs of feet coming closer and closer. When I can see the house I get pulled back into a hard warm chest as I felt fireworks go off. I let an involuntary moan. Only to get pushed into a another hard warm chest. Sparks were felt everywhere as he wrapped me in his arms. He dipped his head into the crook of my neck, smelling my scent. "You are a very naughty girl, running from your mates" the mate holding me said. He began to nibble on my neck as his brother came in front of me, our chests touching as he went to the other side of my neck. "Blayne can you smell that? She is excited" Twin one said. I gasped as Twin one started grinding his HUGE hard on to my already exited core.
"Mmmmm you're right Blake" Blayne started grinding my backside. I let out a breathless moan. The growled at the sound I made. "Whats your name sweet heart?" one of the mumbled against my neck while the other one was sucking on it. "M-m-my name is Beige Goldwen" I gasped as I felt the twin behind me pinch my nipples. I held my breath as the other twin put his hand in my light purple ripped jeans and lacy white panties. He started rubbing my clit and I had to hold back a moan. 

My eyes widen as I felt their canine teeth press gently against each side of my neck meets my shoulder. "We are not letting you go now Beige" they told me at the same time, which is sexy as hell, then sunk their teeth into my flesh. I scream in pain but then turned into a pleasure filled moan. After that I am now theirs for the rest of our lives was my last thought as I blacked out into their arms.

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I'm gonna imagine that there names are something else. My cousins names are blake and Blaine
pandababies60208 pandababies60208 Apr 12, 2016
How dedicated were they to having a girl that they tried 6times
EstrangedMikaelsonMe EstrangedMikaelsonMe Dec 26, 2015
when i read that i did in the "" vine voice.......if that makes sense
girlunknown37 girlunknown37 Nov 15, 2015
When I first read this I thought she was actually talking in hashtags and I was so done already!