Pan's little prisoner...

Pan's little prisoner...

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secretxoxowriter By secretxoxowriter Updated Jun 28


"I won't have to hurt you if you behave like the innocent girl you look like, however go against me and you'll face deep consequences" I whisper into her ear.

"You're supposed to be a good guy! That's what all the fairy tales said!" Alice says tearing up a little.

"You girls are so gullible...don't believe every story you hear" I whisper coldly.

No!! You will not talk to me that way you-you PERSON! You're normal here but I'm the real one here! I got it going on, NOT YOU!
If this bîtch wanted to see her donkey lookin àss face so badly she could've clean the damn house herself and prevented all this. Now don't you be yelling at her for your own shïtty self inflicted problems.
pugloveaz pugloveaz Aug 11
Now that's a good brother. Bringing me food. Boy you my fave
Emma73519 Emma73519 Nov 26
Thanks god some stories are always straight to the point and I'm always like BUT HOW 😂
pugloveaz pugloveaz Aug 11
Oh now it's on, you took my food. DON'T. EVA. TAKE. MAH. FOOD!!!!
And this is how we all got to Neverland, fighting over lost boys and Peter Pan himself.