Our Big Sister (Big Sister Scenarios) || DISCONTINUED

Our Big Sister (Big Sister Scenarios) || DISCONTINUED

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Juggy By onlyshi718 Updated Mar 02, 2016

Ever since Yoshi moved from Japan to New York, he decided to start fresh. First he adopted a little 8 year old named (Y/n). He treated her like she was his daughter which technically by law she was.

"Daddy where are we going?" You asked holding your dads hand. "We're getting a pet" Yoshi answered. "Yay!" You said jumping up and down. You guys made it to the pet shop.

You were amazed by how many animals there were. "See anything you like?" Yoshi asked. "Yeah look at these baby turtles" you say tapping in the glass. Yoshi walked to where you were and saw the turtles. "Can we get all 5?" You asked.

"I don't know this one looks rather old" Yoshi said looking at the older turtle, who he guess was the baby turtles mom. "Yeah, she's really sick my grandpa says she might die soon" said a 5 year old boy. 

"(gasp) that's sad" you said looking at the turtle. "May I ask what's your name young child" Yoshi asked the boy. "I'm Casey" the 5 year old stated. "Nice to meet you Casey" Yoshi replied....

                              *The turtle bros climb on*
                              *Collapsed under all of them*
Duh_itz_Arie Duh_itz_Arie Jul 18, 2016
*licks lips* mmmmmm. 😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛
EchoSkySeeker EchoSkySeeker Oct 08, 2016
*Writes letter to Apple telling them to make a Nutella emoji*
NUTELLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NUTELLA IS LOVE NUTELLA IS LIFE!!!!!!!!!!! wait..... nutella is not life its destroying rain forests!!!!!!!
Americancitizenoflol Americancitizenoflol Nov 20, 2015
Omg I'm a 13 year old with 4 turtles as brothers and the are ADORABLE
AshleyCruz1348 AshleyCruz1348 Oct 02, 2015
Did the sister turn into an animal also or did she just stay human?