Deception Through A Nerd

Deception Through A Nerd

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❝ You demonstrated to me why hurricanes were named after people. ❞
  Cassidy Winters has always perceived life as a game to be played. She's witnessed the brutal end of what the prospect of power can push people to do. Thus, a human experiment sneaks it way into place to finally solve and isolate the final  variable on why the social hierarchy existed. 
 A new school, a completely unknown town, and a fresh system to study.
But the only way to find out what the true capabilities of the students on the top of the pyramid can sincerely do is by infiltrating one of the lowest bases, the nerds. 

It's quite unfortunate for her that a perceptive basketball player keeps managing to repeatedly fumble his way into her line of research. Another lamentable factor about him includes his intangible status in the social pyramid. Needless to say, she really ought to stay away from him.

[ previously titled → nerd in disguise. ]

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roses are red
                              Diamonds are  blue 
                              Mess with me again. And I'll kill you
                              That's much better
Crying is not for the weak, crying is an emotion that can't be stopped, I try not to cry not because it's weak but because it won't help the situation, crying is like laughter u can control it but it doesn't have a solid meaning to it
I only cry when I'm angry or when I truly have hate towards a person
It doesn't matter weather your bullied or not school is naturally just hell
And no one does anything? Whenever I see someone being bullied, I go stand up for them. Are people really that cruel?
Let me fix that
                              Roses r red
                              Violets r blue 
                              Look at the nerd shell never be cool
                              Shell always and forever be a fool