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He's my WHAT!!!

He's my WHAT!!!

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Who am I? By Alpha_Of_Rouges Updated Jun 05

July Jackson and Robert Jackson are siblings. You would imagine a happy family that gets along well but this is not the case. July and Robert despise and hate each-other.  They want to be out of each others eyes and ears, far away from each other as possible. But what if fate has different plans for them? What if fate wants them together? What if they are mates? Will they go along with what this road has planned for them or will they make their own? Read to find out.  

****Hello readers, how are you all? If you don't know already this is my first book there are mistakes. I'm sorry about all the mistakes I will go back and fix them. Also adding on somethings might be confusing and I understand, I read through all the comments and I WILL respond. This is a book about siblings being mates if you don't like the thought of siblings kissing, going on dates, ect. things couples would do, this is not the book for you but do remember this is fiction which means not real. That is all and I hope you enjoy reading my book. :) :p *******

Sumyia19 Sumyia19 Aug 09, 2016
All I can think about when I read Robert is Robert  Baratheon, King of the Seven kingdoms of Westros from Game of Thrones 😂😂😂
booboo930 booboo930 Jul 12, 2016
odainebert odainebert Jul 21, 2016
It was really good for your first chapter  of your first story but I think u can do better
FlipPhones FlipPhones Nov 11, 2015
Im writing a werewolf book too, (this is not a 'read my book' post im just saying but if you do want to check it out im not stopping you xD)
Jxssicat Jxssicat Aug 02, 2015
Hey! I'd like to help you out with your writing. Every time there's a new thought or someone says something, you've gotta make space or it's a run on. When someone does something it should be its own paragraph! Keep on writing!