Double Trouble || Jack and Finn Harries (Watty Awards 2013)

Double Trouble || Jack and Finn Harries (Watty Awards 2013)

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the_girl_nextdoor By the_girl_nextdoor Completed

Elizabeth is falling for Finn Harries.  Priya is smitten for Jack Harries as well. 
The only problem is that Elizabeth and Priya are the same girl. 

Though she knows it's wrong, she can't help herself but get involved with both boys. 

Will this girl be able to play them both, or will she get tangled up in her web of lies? 

Read more to find out in Double Trouble. 

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Co-Written By : @forever_dreaming11

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deezdolans deezdolans Sep 02, 2016
why does it remind me of 'Little black dress' by one direction
uglyweekes uglyweekes Jan 02, 2017
That was definitely not smooth wtf was that line everyone uses it??
abcdefgbdbsj abcdefgbdbsj Jan 19, 2016
You've literally know she's been on planet earth for like 10 second, not reading this
frenchsausage frenchsausage Dec 16, 2015
Do any of u guys know what the songs in the trailer are bc I LOVE THEM
keidyolo keidyolo Jul 03, 2015
Finn Finn the better twin he looks like Jack and Jack looks like him
trashauthor trashauthor Mar 11, 2015
"Oh my god, that gif..." and i whispered it. I pretty much sounded creepy