Revenge of the Luna Queen

Revenge of the Luna Queen

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Brittany Mackenzie By bmacke01 Completed

[IMPORTANT SEQUEL ALERT:  Book #2 of 'The Lost One' Series]


That's what they had. He loved her and she loved him. Kaiden had never been as proud and complete as he did with his mate safe in his arms, his mark on her skin. She was his and he was never going to let her go.

Of course, there would be challenges, they were planning to face off - and hopefully take down - some of the most powerful men in their world, but they were gaining followers. They now had other Alphas standing beside them, and a growing pack at their backs, and each and every one was prepared to fight. To fight for her, and for the good of their species. Because she held the answers, for them, and their whole kind. 

But, the unthinkable happens. Aislinn is gone. Disappearing in the night, she takes his love and their hope with her. Kaiden is determined to get her back, the problem will be if Aislinn wants to be found.


She had tried. Had given into fate, succumbed to the selfish desire to be typical, to be happy, but she wasn't those things. She wasn't unbroken. Or normal. Or whole. She was completely and absolutely, irreparably, shattered. 

For five years she had planned, had lived only for vengeance, then her mate had come and swept her away. He'd broken through her walls and restarted her heart. She loved him. Even as broken and twisted as she was, she knew she loved him. She was so proud, so happy that she wore his mark, but some things could not be erased. Even by love.

Some things could not be forgotten. 

Could never be forgiven.


The entire werewolf world is on the brink of war. Packs and Alphas are beginning to choose sides, and the stakes will only grow as the whispers of Royal succession and a lost Heir begin to surface. 

Fate brought Kaiden and Aislinn together, but in the face of their pasts and all that is out to rip them apart, it may not be enough to keep them.

©Revenge of the Luna Queen

iambyul iambyul Jul 03
Annnnnnnd I'm here! 
                              I honestly thought that the wolf in your book cover was a black dress. 😂😂😂
rebel697 rebel697 Apr 01
Admittedly, I read The Found One two days ago. Yesterday, I read The Lost One and now I am starting The Luna's Revenge...hoping that Book Four comes out quick.
1PicturesqueUmbrella 1PicturesqueUmbrella Jul 16, 2016
After reading The Lost One, I have no choice but to read this!
jayneisere04 jayneisere04 Sep 17, 2016
Im so  excited im so glad you didnt just stop writing this story i love the characters and i cannot wait to see what happens xx
azhaxaviera azhaxaviera Apr 19, 2016
                              *insert hyperventilating 17 year old running around screaming*
karen4805 karen4805 Feb 17
I really loved the first book and can't wait to start this one.  You are a fantastic writer whatever you do please continue writing!!!