Pyschopath ||•Harry Styles•||

Pyschopath ||•Harry Styles•||

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TheNamesIyanna By LuvYou4Ever Updated Aug 25, 2017

"Death is not scary. Its where you'll be if you ever leave me" He growled in my ear. I whimpered and stared at him in horror. 

"I- um... OK" I stammered scared of what would happen if I said no or tell him to get away from me. He gave me a hard stare before pulling out of his house. 

"Tell anyone and you'll be swimming with the sharks"

He pushed me into his black Range Rover and drove me home, once we were in front of my house  I turned to look at him once more. "Don't forget what I said Raelynn." he said without even glancing my way.

I was about to get out of the car when he grabbed my wrist, "do I not get a kiss goodbye, love?"

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Klainelover14 Klainelover14 Jun 21, 2017
Me with Chris colfer/Darren criss/ grant gustin. IM NOT OBSESSED
Peace_life_Nh Peace_life_Nh Aug 05, 2016
Bruhhhh lucky biotchhhhhhhhh fuckingg If I was in detention. I'd stay their. Then be called to the office because I didn't go to the first detention. Smhhhhh grrr.. Sigh.
AllOfOurScars AllOfOurScars Aug 02, 2016
She's sounds like a grunge-tumblr girl version of JoJo Siwa from Dance Moms, and not in a good way.
Ruby18530 Ruby18530 Jun 14, 2016
Lol, am I the only one who imagined a blonde version of Zayn from best song ever
joker_baeaf joker_baeaf Aug 17, 2016