The Rejected Nerd  #wattys2016

The Rejected Nerd #wattys2016

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bailey By bailey_margaret_ Updated Nov 01

olivia jackson is the daughter of the alpha in glissening pack. but of course she's the nerd of the family. exactly the opposite of her brother- the popular jock, player and future alpha of their pack. one day while olivia is in school she meets the alpha of silvermoon pack and what makes matters worse is that she is his mate, but she is rejected by blake Johnson.  the one she is supposed to love her for eternity just up and attoms rejects her. she runs away, leaving her family and friends behind. she starts a new life. a little later she is the beta of the thorn pack. I think by the title you can tell how powerful it is.

I get A's in everythin. I wear glasses. My clothes aren't relly to die for. But I'm still friends with everyone in my class including the populars
Ok my grades aren't that good and they were balls deep awesome my parents would treat me like a queen. So, this being in the story I get but irl, don't see it happening.
I threw myself to the ground and kicked myself multiple times, what do you think?
Lucky I usually get A's and B's I'm still wondering why I get a B in math I'm really bad at it
ausabby ausabby Jun 25
amazing start but how does it work when you get straight A's but your parents think that makes you dumb? Also, I thought no one knew you were a white werewolf?
By the description of her life,you can tell she is an omega. However, you only describe as the alpha's daughter. This is quite confusing for people who may not be into werewolf type books that much. I definitely think you should have said she is the omega.