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Edward x Reader FMA Fanfic (Discontinued)

Edward x Reader FMA Fanfic (Discontinued)

46.7K Reads 2K Votes 25 Part Story
Lucky By XxLuckyTrashxX Completed

The story will take in the modern days but poor (Y/N) looses her real parents and her new ones just after she meets Edward and Alphonse Elric what will happen next find out in this fanfic!
(spoilers! Al is a human! yay! and he can perform alchemy like Ed)

SupposeHope SupposeHope Apr 14, 2016
*facepalm* okay that's it moving onto the next fanfic. Shït. I forgot that this is the only one left that I haven't read😂
Sociopathic-Llama Sociopathic-Llama Apr 16, 2016
… This is gonna be weird, but what about polytheism? There are, like, over 300 million gods in Hinduism alone.
                              Oh wow. NOW I question it? What kind of scholar am I?!
Perber23 Perber23 Nov 28, 2016
😂 I'm unnaturally obsessed with Nalu and I looked down at my recommendations list and it's just a bunch of cheesy Nalu and Natsu x reader fanfics 😂
I ask myself if I'm dead or not every morning.
                              Then I turn over and fall back asleep.
Marastia Marastia Mar 12, 2016
.....maybe you should get windy to kick it up a notch?....get it?...
                              Kick...she doesn't have a leg?no?...okay...
                              DO I GET TO FITE GHOSTS?
                              COME AT ME, GHOSTLY M8S!