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melissa By addicthemmo Updated Apr 19, 2016

" what did your pretty little mouth said, baby girl? "

 " i want you daddy " 

" my princess wishes are orders " 

@addicthemmo 2015

 this story contains: sexual content, daddy kink and swearing .

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I-Miss-Sirius I-Miss-Sirius Nov 25, 2017
Im only reading this for shits and giggles so I'll probably leave soon
kinkedluke kinkedluke Sep 25, 2016
i love her, so so much. but i just cant imagine her with luke so i'll just imagine someone else sorry
dhchanel dhchanel Sep 12, 2016
I'm sorry y'all I've tried so hard to like her but I just don't. yikes. so I'll just imagine someone else for this story
miaadamus miaadamus Aug 19, 2016
Run through the parking lot. He chased me and he wouldn't stop saying tag ur it tag tag ur it. Grabbed my hair pushed me down. Take the words right out my mouth saying tag ur it tag tag ur it
multifriendom multifriendom Aug 22, 2016
She hates being called 'mom' & 'queen' someone said she preferred being called 'daddy'. I still love her, though! 😂💖