I'm The Alpha's Assassin Mate

I'm The Alpha's Assassin Mate

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chocoberryfantasy By chocoberryfantasy Updated Dec 21, 2017

Two young and most feared Assassins , Bethany Lloyd along with her twin brother, Sebastian Lloyd,  was sent by their master/uncle to assassinate the strongest wolf pack , the Shadow Moon pack's ,  Alpha , Randolph Stoner and his twin sister , Ramona Stoner .

When they were young , their parents were killed by something that was as large as a full grown horse with fur as dark as midnight , eyes as red as blood . Years later , their uncle found them . Ever since then , their uncle trained them as they are now , the youngest and most feared Assassins . People says that they killed with no mercy and have a heart like stone .

What happen if their targets turned out to be their mates ? Will they join them or kill them ? Will their mates cure their stone heart ? Mysteries unlocked as they find out they're no ordinary humans .........

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teenwitch999 teenwitch999 Oct 07, 2017
U talking bout the same twins that u need to kill ?????😠😕😕😕
GhostlyWater GhostlyWater Aug 21, 2017
😭they don't do cinnamon melts anymore! (At least where I live) 😭😭😭
teenwitch999 teenwitch999 Oct 07, 2017
Frozen reference 😂😂😂😂😂 I do this to my sister every Christmas morning waking up at 4 in the morning
MURRY471559 MURRY471559 May 24, 2017
Same when it comes to pizza hahaha oh u thought I was gon save u some
AsyaleeMcpherson AsyaleeMcpherson May 12, 2017
I say that a lot...."No promises..." I said that when my mom would tell me to do chores. When teacher told me to do homework (I still did it anyways)....
bookfish101 bookfish101 Jun 29, 2017
Holy shít that's a nice car! I'm more of a 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air kinda girl but still, I would have one of those any day!!😍💛