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"It's Harry Potter meets Game of Thrones!!!"
#2 in Fantasy on 6-2-17

 Lies... secrets... treachery... In the medieval kingdom of Taraquin, before magic became thought of as myth, Zane, a peasant boy with larger than life dreams, has an inconceivable amount of power inside him; only he doesn't know it yet. The kingdom is in a time of civil unrest, where rebels seek to destroy all of the principles that this once peaceful kingdom was built on. Lies and deception hide a well-organized and powerful rebel army hidden in plain sight, leaving Taraquin in dire need of a hero. But can a peasant farm boy with no training rise to the occasion, or will all be lost?


25,000 Reads - Feb 2017
100,000 Reads - Aug 2017
Book cover art created by artist Daniel Kamarudin. Website for the artist - 

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Tegan1311 Tegan1311 May 25, 2017
"So that just makes this much easier." Or something similar might read better so you don't repeat 'to do'
Tegan1311 Tegan1311 May 25, 2017
Since we know the bacony must attach to a room, it seems odd to state it outright. Perhaps tell us the door leading to the room was open or unlocked instead. Just a thought.
Tegan1311 Tegan1311 May 25, 2017
I wondered about this, their conversation where the Lord seemed more worried about his squire when it should be the other way around. So it's not a traditional relationship then. Interesting and could definitely lead to conflict.
IreneAzalia IreneAzalia Apr 16, 2017
Why are there repetitions in my wattpad? Is it deliberate or my android?
Tegan1311 Tegan1311 May 25, 2017
You have 'pipe' 4x here and I don't think the second one is necessary. Does he have several pipes on his desk?
JasonAuchter JasonAuchter Aug 02, 2017
I like the opening man, great job. It caught my eye for sure. Thank you for your service too.