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Travis Delzell By teavodelzell Updated Aug 23

In the medieval kingdom of Taraquin, before magic became thought of as myth, Zane, a peasant boy with larger than life dreams, has an inconceivable amount of power inside him; only he doesn't know it yet. The kingdom is in a time of civil unrest, where rebels seek to destroy all of the principles that this once peaceful kingdom was built on. Lies and deception hide a well-organized and powerful rebel army hidden in plain sight, leaving Taraquin in dire need of a hero. But can a peasant farm boy with no training rise to the occasion, or will all be lost?

"It's Harry Potter meets Game of Thrones"

*Some Mature Content*

Book cover art currently under licensing processing. Art created by artist Daniel Kamarudin. Website for the artist - 

Rodentgal Rodentgal Aug 16
This is a great book. I'm writing a book based on eragon as well. It's quite intresting but it's not on wattpad. I could share the first book's front cover though.
paradoxpoem paradoxpoem Aug 15
This story is amazing and has me hooked!
                              And scared for my life as the intruder comes in but hey it's very interesting.
SoccerBound SoccerBound Aug 10
You can put this in italics and only have one quotation, 'Now that Lord Crispin-etc.' that way if a character is thinking in the middle of dialogue the reader won't think that it was said aloud.
omgal21 omgal21 Aug 25
ugh, bloody way to start a book but definitely attention-grabbing.....
mcdbai56 mcdbai56 Aug 21
I wonder who the intruder is? It's very interesting! Keep up the good work!
oh--well oh--well Aug 19
This is awesome, I like how you begin the chapter and I like how you leave it on a cliffhanger.👍