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Numb | ✓

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b. By drippings Completed

He wanted to break her.

Unfortunately, one of her broken shards pierced into him.


#1 in SHORT STORY - more than 25 times since March 2016, thank you all so much.

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quicksilver1 quicksilver1 7 days ago
@hijaabi  I just cried buckets after reading it... feel free to feel the same
the people bitching ab the amount of chapters is rlly annoying, its the amount words in a chapter, i actually read both stories, Numb and Salt in 2-5 hours.
Miaow0 Miaow0 Jun 12
I love how this is tagged as a short story, but has 125 parts. Definitely very short.
 #rr breaks my heart every time but I still come back to read this because it's so good 😭
I don't think this is a short story compared to the hate I love the book
125 parts and in the short story category, yeah, this is much shorter than a short story.