Forced to live with the bad boy: Book 1 Of The Pure Love Trilogy.

Forced to live with the bad boy: Book 1 Of The Pure Love Trilogy.

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Beaujolais Vorster By Beaubuns7 Completed

Riley Crawford is the definition of perfect.
she is an only child and literally gets anything she wants. Her parents are the highest paid doctors in the country and even though she loves them they are never home and she always finds herself alone in the huge mansion known as her home.

With her aunt having a famous company which her mom helped create before becoming a doctor and her being the heir to the company she always finds a way to hide from the paparazzi and can control them by now.

 She is also the most popular girl in school only difference is that she doesn't act like a snob and actually cares about others.
One thing she did not expect when her parents told her another guy is going to live with them for the final
 year of high school due to his parents having to move for work is that it would be her enemy.....Ryder Matthews the bad boy.

Ryder Matthews is the typical bad boy. He is a player and has a lot of followers, he is cold and does anything he wants including permanently getting on the nerves of his enemy; Riley Crawford.

Will he unravel Riley's past and will she find out about his? Or will they just be living together? 

*this story is complete and also has a complete sequel so after chapter 35 and the bonus chapters check out the sequel, its all kinds of cool.

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Eunicron Eunicron Aug 23, 2016
Is it just me or does anyone else think that most badboys are named ryder?
kylaroo11 kylaroo11 Aug 28, 2016
Omg. I would have been dead, she would have murdered in front of all of my friends
Queenelleo Queenelleo Aug 30, 2016
Cuz is not a word.. The no capitalizations are bugging me... >.<
How is he supposed to stay away from you when he'll be living w you for  a year and right next to your room?🙄
JJNkosi23 JJNkosi23 Sep 04, 2016
Ok I'm done sorry but I would NEVER talk to my mom like that even if I was allowed to. Cause 1 I'd be dead, and 2 it's so disrespectful
I don't wanna read anymore, the misspellings all the time, the wrong punctuation. You need to re edit this or read it over.  Please fix this, so I can continue your story.