Worth Waiting For (boyxboy)

Worth Waiting For (boyxboy)

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Aohitsugi Saphire By YaoiLover801 Completed

Have you ever dreamt of a person whom you haven't met before? Like that one dream where you and that person are together and when you try to look at their face, you can't see it clearly coz it's blurred?


Then, let me tell you one thing... It's absolutely a dream! At least that's what I kept telling myself since I first dreamt it. Oh and to make matters even more weird, let's just say there's this guy, two of them actually, that have the same name as the guy in my dream.

Well, if you wanna know what I'm trying to say, then, come and join me as I try to find out if it's all a big coincidence or not.

- Ashley

Date Started: 22/01/2017
Season 1 Ended: 07/02/2018