New Girl || SnK Boys x Reader ✓

New Girl || SnK Boys x Reader ✓

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Esther. By Eisthee Completed

You have a rough past, your father leaving you for the Scouting Legion and dying, being a assassin, living in the underground, getting caught by the military police, and on the mission to kill Eren Jeager.

But that's not all. You secretly adored the people from the survey corps, and that's where you decided to do the training. It was your first day when suddenly Levi and Erwin ask you to do the special training, and immediately join the survey corps. 

You answered yes and met the boys, they fell in love with you, but with who did you fell in love with?

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Damn. This would be TOTALLY nice to wake up to in real life.
I just freak out every time they talk about ma little coconut head! HE'S JUST SO ADORABLE!!!!
I think Mikasa is on her periods... Wait a minute.. she is always like that. Does she always have periods? Poor Mikasa :( Don't ask, I tried to be funny
Whoms the fucc should I be lmao? 
                              Actually, yeah
meimioXD meimioXD Nov 13
Well excuse me mikasa I am small so give me your damn clothes!