Yandere x reader Oneshots (ALL RANDOM CHARAS)

Yandere x reader Oneshots (ALL RANDOM CHARAS)

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im confused By CrimsonBloodKnight Completed

random characters.  just think of the name and yeaaaa
Also,reader is female but you knowwwwwww

You can always just replace them with male pronouns if you want ( at least that is what i do )

come if ya wan a short fling with no characters from any anime/movie /etc Kay.

Be careful.

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I’ve read this fanfic many times yet I failed to realize this till now- is this a reference to the song “red cherry hut” or something like that???
KikoTheCreepypasta KikoTheCreepypasta Oct 23, 2017
Do I get a knife to I dunno paint the peach colored canvas I have to red? :> if u don't get it I mean cut
1-800-killmyself 1-800-killmyself Nov 13, 2017
If you really loved me u would put your self in a situation to potential  lose me 
                              (This goes to anyone who is with ur ex and he cheated on you)
earlyalila earlyalila Jan 14
Thanks Bestie. Tell you what, I’ll let you join me when we figure out how to beat him into a pulp
TuyulJones TuyulJones 7 days ago
Oh yeah sorry i didn't see you playing football over there i taught you were cheating on me
KikoTheCreepypasta KikoTheCreepypasta Dec 04, 2017
Uh this isn't yours you just took this from a cheater Levi x Reader and changed the name...