Yandere x reader Oneshots (ALL RANDOM CHARAS)

Yandere x reader Oneshots (ALL RANDOM CHARAS)

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im confused By CrimsonBloodKnight Completed

random characters.  just think of the name and yeaaaa
Also,reader is female but you knowwwwwww

You can always just replace them with male pronouns if you want ( at least that is what i do )

come if ya wan a short fling with no characters from any anime/movie /etc Kay.

Be careful.

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*slowly claps* someone give him a Boyfriend of the Year award
You forget one thing *smirks evilly* 
                              I have a crazy best friend that if i don't text you with a certain amount of time she thinks I'm either died or kidnapped no matter where she always finds me
I mean... if I see Yandere x Reader I click
                              But if I see Nagito as a cover on Yandere x Reader
                              I click and have high expectations--
                              Nagisa: *Busts in* DID SOMEONE SAY EXPECTATIONS?! 
                              Fuk. Nagisa not rn
That one friend who stalks their best friends boyfriend to call him out in cheating