Yandere x reader Oneshots (ALL RANDOM CHARAS)

Yandere x reader Oneshots (ALL RANDOM CHARAS)

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Hardcore Komaeda Trash By CrimsonBloodKnight Completed

random characters.  just think of the name and yeaaaa
Also,reader is female but you knowwwwwww

You can always just replace them with male pronouns if you want ( at least that is what i do )

come if ya wan a short fling with no characters from any anime/movie /etc Kay.

Be careful.

Tell that to my face and I'll burn ur dick off and shove it down ur throaght
SasheinSquire SasheinSquire 4 days ago
what a jerk, hes like most typical guys out there, i'd like to meet him and punch him in the nose
Horny  phsyco ,this wouldn't have happened if I minded my own business,  then again it was the person who told me about this .... but why the hell would he go to a club and say that he still loves you,  fake af . But still a good chapter
No you don't Y/N... I can vouch for it and this isn't true lol
Chakriisp Chakriisp Aug 30
Yn: *is dating Ryo*
                              Ryo: *is happy*
                              Yn:*Breaks up with Ryo*
                              Ryo: TRIGGERED