You Can't Choose Your Family ➸ Demi Lovato

You Can't Choose Your Family ➸ Demi Lovato

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"I mean that people promise they won't leave," I half shouted in exasperation "They say they love you and that they care for you when it's all just fucking bullshit!"

[i wrote this when I was 14/15 so cut me some slack lol]

{Trigger warnings throughout}

am I the only one who can actually imagine this happening..😂
I know it says that Demi was blonde and blue haired, and I could easily look up when the blue/blondevato era was and figure it out, but how old is Demi in this?
Who the hell would name a kid Saskia? Lol don't mean to offend anyone
Legit best book I've read! Love the way you write and how sarcastic the character is!
Cuddlemejergi Cuddlemejergi Dec 23, 2015
Took me 5 minutes to realise what this meant. Shame on me. But sick comeback omg so using it.
SuperRockerChick SuperRockerChick Oct 26, 2015
Dude I'm 5'2 and I'm almost 18 years old. Don't sweat it. I'm a midget too.