The King's Little Mate (bxb)

The King's Little Mate (bxb)

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Esther DeSande By melanesian_pride Updated Feb 20

Kyle Maximus Wilson is the oldest of 7. Living in the 'slums' of the kingdom, life is hard, especially when you have to help provide for your family. Doing odd jobs here and there, he manages to keep his family alive for so long until his mother is on the brink of death. 
Scared and desperate, he meets a man who gives him the antidote for a the saying goes 'a life for a life'. 

Christian Stone is the upcoming Alpha king of the werewolf nation of Koan. He has everything he has ever wanted growing up. He never has to worry about his next meal or when he gets to get a good night sleep. Despite having it all, he feels like there's something missing. Imagine his surprise when that 'something' is being punished to death in front of his people

Read and follow the story of this mated couple and the struggles they go through just to keep their love

Bluewaterbottle15 Bluewaterbottle15 Sep 06, 2016
He's strong if that's the case. I would have lost hope as soon as i learned what the price was. Smh sadly.
It should be in the order, 'Blood sweat and tears'
                              Ps. Look up 'Blood Sweat and Tears BTS Dance Practice' on YouTube please
TooSpooked TooSpooked Mar 15, 2016
He already gave him his last name though.  Can't be too hard to track his family down
HeavanAparicio HeavanAparicio Mar 31, 2016
I love this picture #janiel Daniel and Joey FOREVER 😍😍😍💋
Secr3tRead3r Secr3tRead3r Jul 08, 2016
For some reason I keep imagining this tormentor as a sweaty fat bald dude wearing a rubber apron.
ShapeShifter8745 ShapeShifter8745 Jul 27, 2016
I guess it's time for me to turn into dust because my heart can't take it!!!❤❤❤💔☁