Children of the Plague

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Gregory Carrico By GregCarrico Completed
In the darkest corners of lower Manhattan, a battle like no other rages. The city is home to a hidden group of survivors of the nanite plague, and a brother and sister born to defend their race. With a touch that can destroy nanites, Lanni, sister of Alex, is their last chance. Can she save her brother? Can she protect mankind's only hope? Or will she be responsible for the destruction of the last humans on earth? It's going to be another long day.......
    Killing Tiffany Hudson was just the beginning, but there is so much more to the story surrounding Diane and Crane’s meeting in post-apocalyptic Manhattan. Children of the Plague tells the story of the survivors in the city, including Diane and some new characters you’ll want to meet.
Thanks @moomoo2020 it does sound interesting I'm going to read it!
Sounds interesting @gohorsego you should check this out sister
Everyone deserves a chance, and your description is intriguing
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Quick question: How did you make that AMAZING cover? Can I have some advice? Thanks!
hi I love writing stories so much better than anyone can imagine so if you want to me and u can make one together plz get back to me thanks