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Possessive and Mine?

Possessive and Mine?

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MeMyselfAndI123 By MeMyselfAndI123 Updated Jan 03, 2016

Cassie Sims has gone through a lot in her seventeen years. After the death of her father, her mother’s mate, her life took a turn for the worst.
      Her older brother David, who is also her best friend, had to grow up way faster than he should have in order to keep their family together. Being three years older than Cassie and the only man in the house made him feel the need to take over for his father. If he hadn’t their family would have crumbled and split apart long ago.He got a job to help support them while he was still in school and managed to keep it until he graduated and went to college.They move away from the town and the pack that they had always known to start fresh.
      Cassie goes for a run and stumbles upon the land of the pack in that area, which is also the strongest in the United States.
      The Dark Moon pack.
      They kidnap her and keep her at the pack house until the Alpha returns despite her pleas to go back to her mom and brother.
      The Alpha is Damien Black. He’s young, powerful, arrogant, cocky, sexy, and best of all, her extremely possessive mate. Now, Cassie is a quiet, small, thoughtful, sweet, fragile girl who is still healing from her dad’s death. But, as they say, opposites attract.
***Cover created by xBehindTheCurtainx***

MR. TEDDIE.........................JUST WOW........SUCH AN INVENTIVE NAME...LOL
thistlr thistlr Jun 08, 2016
They are honestly the sweetest siblings ever. Though David acts more like a father
babs2003 babs2003 Apr 11, 2016
Sooooooo cute I hate my f'ing  twin to death and he is so f'ing annoying I would swear but I would get reported so f'ing is the word I use
simmyx-x simmyx-x Jun 07, 2016
I say to my friends i have a pet dog and its my brother😝😝😂
LixL8898 LixL8898 Feb 07, 2016
Still have teddy bears
                              I don't care and I am never getting rid of them.......
                              Don't try and take them from me or you will wake up one day without a body part 
                              Don't say I didn't warn you
aamuir aamuir Jul 28, 2016
First time I've seen Breaking Benjamin mentioned in a sorry and OMG I LOVE THEM