Uchiha Crib( Madara Uchiha x Reader)

Uchiha Crib( Madara Uchiha x Reader)

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Uchiha a legendary clan name. Accepting only those who are proven worthy to be cursed with their secret. What happens when a member be friends an outsider? 
Is her family linage connected to them? 

( Warning : Will contain weird and I mean extremely  weird stuff ! ! (≧∇≦))

((Editing for spelling errors !! (*≧▽≦)ノシ  ))

JungKookies_and_Milk JungKookies_and_Milk Nov 21, 2016
I love your stories, they're so awesome and very well written.
Wasn't human?! O.o :o does that mean people with the sharingan are like ghouls er something???