A Friend To Hold On To-  A Henry Danger Fanfic

A Friend To Hold On To- A Henry Danger Fanfic

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After Charlotte finds out that Henry has never kissed a girl (as him self ), she feels it's her duty to let him see what that feels like,but, will she spark something in Henry that he's never felt before.  My first story. I hope you Chenry fans enjoy.

                                  THEY MADE A DOG GET EATEN AND I'M BEING SALTY AF ABOUT IT
                                  BUT NOT AS SALTY AS PEARL
    alyssa_books1829 alyssa_books1829 Dec 10, 2015
    I am not being rude I am laughing because it says after eating jasper! lol but good jon
    QueenAree QueenAree Dec 06, 2015
    I almost thought that Henry and Char ate Jasper. No offence but: WORK ON DEM PUNCTUATION BRUH!
    1WritingStyle 1WritingStyle Sep 28, 2015
    Actually go read my story You Mean Too Much a saved by the Bell fanfic
    punkrockweenies punkrockweenies Jul 27, 2015
    i don't want to seem rude but this is a misplaced comma and it makes the sentence seem like henry and charlotte ate jasper.
    ChocolateMilkParty94 ChocolateMilkParty94 Jul 19, 2015
    I saw that movie on my birthday 4 days ago and OMG IT WAS SCARY I was screaming