Mulan ▸ Scott McCall [1][SLOW UPDATES]

Mulan ▸ Scott McCall [1][SLOW UPDATES]

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❝You stole your father's armor, ran away from home, impersonated a soldier, deceived your commanding officer, dishonored the Chinese army, destroyed my palace, and, you have saved us all.❞

     Kimber Yukimura found comfort in the move from her home in New York to the small town of Beacon Hills. It gave her more of a chance for a fresh start, what most people search for when living in a new environment. She no longer needed to worry about her harsh past and horrible records weighing her down. But when a dark, Japanese fox spirit comes into town it makes matters more difficult, especially when a teenage boy claims that she is a fictional, fairy tale character. How can she possibly be the notorious Chinese warrior when she herself have wronged in many ways?

     Kimber must unfold more of the story to piece the puzzle laid in front of her. Even if it means finding the truth buried a long time ago. She's forced to learn more about her family and herself, with the help of the Puppy Dogged Alpha who is far too noble for his own good. It seems as if Scott McCall has to teach Mulan a few things about being a hero.

[ teen wolf ; season 3b ]
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Cover by Caitlin ( @illustration )

I mean I am kinda bummed that there wasn't any Orange Caramel or After School songs but, I mean the fact that Nana is in the story rocks🤗
NANA IS also in After School, Orange Caramel is just a sub-unit. IT'S OKAY THOUGH😉
Mulan the song is from themovie mulan what a damn shame i didn't even notice
MiniKitty27 MiniKitty27 Nov 26
"What are you, a wizard?" "no I'm a veterinarian." Why tf is everyone a fūçking veterinarian?!
Yup, that's right. She's not Chinese. The surname Yukimura says so.
-estetica -estetica Nov 22
oh my god my aunt gave me that book (or was it between the lines?)! whichever it was, i loved the book!