hunters curse ↦ twd/spn

hunters curse ↦ twd/spn

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madi By potatojesus- Updated 4 days ago

(from the mind of a thirteen year old me.. pls don't h8)

❝they know who i am. that's why they ran.❞
         it's hard to accept you're different. it's even harder when most want you dead for it. she'd always been outcasted, and so had he. maybe that's what originally drew them together, or maybe it was just fate.
    daryl dixon love story with a little supernatural ↦ twd season one-? spn season 5
    created july 14th, 2015
    all rights reserved. © 2015 potatojesus-
    i don't own anything except for my character(s) and plot(s). anything familiar belongs to it's rightful owners.

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