The Priestess and the Dragon (Dragon Saga Book 1, Wattpad Version)

The Priestess and the Dragon (Dragon Saga Book 1, Wattpad Version)

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Love and revenge don't end with death. 

Exiled for her mother's sins, Suzume lives in a remote mountain shrine training to become a priestess. She would give anything to return to her old life at the emperor's palace. When she accidently awakens a sleeping dragon posing as the mountain god, she thinks he is the answer to all her problems. But she gets more than she bargained for when she unleashes the Dragon, Kaito. He has been sealed away for five hundred years and now he is hungry for revenge. The woman who trapped him may be dead, but he will settle for her reincarnation and he chooses Suzume to join him on his quest for vengeance. What he doesn't realize is Suzume is that priestess reborn. Now she must find a way to seal the dragon once more before he learns the truth.

***This is a draft version of the now published The Priestess and the Dragon. The published version has added scenes and content. To purchase the revised version please follow the links on my profile.***


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- - Oct 20, 2017
And her life? This selfish dragon sounds like he could be a flippant fellow.
duchessdome duchessdome Sep 18, 2017
OK watch out for this one... She's about to be taken down a peg
duchessdome duchessdome Sep 18, 2017
Woow great first chapter. I look forward to enjoying the rest
FugitivePrincess2017 FugitivePrincess2017 Jan 27, 2017
This dragon is both badass...and a creep. 
                              And I can't tell if our main character is arrogant or insecure...she flips back and forth between the two. Lol
JVBlueBlood JVBlueBlood Feb 24, 2017
That last line is what caused me to add this into my reading list!
Len_bot16 Len_bot16 Aug 09, 2016
LOLOL. Either you were inspired by Inuyasha, or this is too much of a coincidence. If you haven't yet seen Inuyasha, watch it. It's basically this