THUNDER // phan

THUNDER // phan

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eden:) By intacy Completed

he repeats the process;


tw ; self-harm, suicide, depression, major character death

you can not read this story AT ALL if you get triggered by those topics

gimmethemships gimmethemships Jul 27, 2017
In real life Phil loves thunderstorms more than Kanye loves Kanye
uh_watt uh_watt Jun 18, 2017
wow i can tell this fic is going to tear my heart in two
                              by the way, author, tysm for putting such considerate tw. on a different night I know the difference they can make, so yeah. thanks
--GreyRose-- --GreyRose-- Dec 20, 2016
I shouldn't read this, it's probably really triggering but it looks really good
UmbridgeWasAToad UmbridgeWasAToad Mar 06, 2017
i need to go to the store to get more tissues before i start this but i CANT FIND MY KEYS
Honestly the cast members thing is kinda creepy but also cool idk
I feel like the best way to at lest try to stop is to snap a rubber band on your wrist, same satisfaction in a less dangerous way, it helped me