Hitachiian TRIPLETS?! [OHSHC]

Hitachiian TRIPLETS?! [OHSHC]

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AnonymousOtaku By OuranChick Updated Sep 26, 2017

Everyone knows the twins right? But what you didn't know, was that they were triplets. Triplets to a sister they haven't seen in 9 years, but who cares right? They hate her anyway. She was "mommies girl" and also a  "daddy's girl" so why should they like her? And she use to be your basic innocent little girl, but then she went to live with a crazy grandma in America, where she didn't have to see her bullies, a.k.a. Her brothers. But now she's moving back with her "family" and hikaru and Kaoru don't like it one bit, but she's changed, but not to something everyone expected.

She use to go by the name of Carmella, but now, she's Avery tsuka. Her brothers still hate her, and she learned not to care, to put up a wall, she's just like her brothers, but she never had someone to help take them down, until she starts getting close with the host club.

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MyDayliteShow MyDayliteShow Jul 22, 2017
Okay this is my elementary school music teacher. She was crazy and had all sorts of hair colors and flappy arms. We call her Mrs. Flying squirrel
ITxAnime ITxAnime Feb 11
Am I the only one who cringes at the word “ baby girl” ?
Ladybug12121 Ladybug12121 Jun 20, 2017
Well this is good start to the story.😂😂😂😎😎😎😐😐😐
Nummy122 Nummy122 Jul 19, 2016
Why do they make them mean 😢 I cry silently. Why Author~Chan why?
snsmith116 snsmith116 Jul 11, 2016
Oh sh¡t I'm getting my boxing gloves Imma go beat those little buggers
Emmars1027 Emmars1027 Jul 24, 2016
I kinda have a grandma like that except add a lot of pink lipstick