Mal, Where are you?

Mal, Where are you?

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6 months. 
6 terrible months since I have been looking for the girl of my dreams. 
Mal, The purple haired daughter of Maleficent, The one who loves painting and the one who I've seen in my dream, Is the one who risked her life just to save me at my coronation. 
I couldn't do anything. Not a single thing. 
I've regretted everything since that day. 
But then out of nowhere, Someone tells him that she might know where Mal is. 
Will he risk everything for love? 
Will he rescue Mal in time?

*DISCLAIMER: Author Melissa Dela Cruz owns these characters and the places in this book.* 

Only things that belong to me are Shadow Viper and the 4 cities: Ashborne, Auchendale, City of Fire, and Black Hollows. 

Thanks for reading! :)❤️

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LittleFatPugsRunning LittleFatPugsRunning Aug 23, 2017
Stop playing with fire Audrey XD im dieing of laughter XD Thanks Audrey for killing me XD
nighthawk1193 nighthawk1193 Oct 06, 2017
Whenever evie says mommy I see that she still has a decent relationship with her mom
JessPhoenixBlaze JessPhoenixBlaze Nov 17, 2017
So he's meant to be the most evil villain ever and he chose THAT as his name?
                              I mean, Shadow Viper, seriously? 
                              Perhaps he's Peter Pan's Shadow bitten by one of Jafar's snakes.
                              Who knows? (Except the author, they probably know.)
LittleBlackStar876 LittleBlackStar876 Oct 16, 2017
I was honestly hoping for pennywise but okay let's go with this
goldielion goldielion Jul 21, 2017
Audrey, Mal suffered the first sixteen years of her life because of what her mother did.
The_Book_Witch The_Book_Witch Nov 26, 2016
Awwwww. It is also almost 2:00 in the morning for at the time I am posting this so I am trying to keep my sequels quite it is harder then it sounds!