Pregnant With An Alien~ A VKook Fanfiction

Pregnant With An Alien~ A VKook Fanfiction

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taetounge By ERRMAHGERRD Updated Apr 24, 2016

Author Note~
I know this is totally something that would be biologically IMPOSSIBLE, but, I'm bored and I ship VKook very hard.. I cruise ship VKook. Frfrfr. Also, english is not my first language. I'm the alien inside of Jungkook. 

Anyway.. See you l8r. ^.~

V and Jungkook were able to settle down after controlling their love for each other for 3 years. Somehow, someway, by some string of fate, Jungkook got pregnant.

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alienllamabunny alienllamabunny Nov 10, 2017
And this is what happens when you f*ck with Taehyung, he forgets the alien condom
KawaiiProductionsInc KawaiiProductionsInc Jul 03, 2017
OmG jfc 
                              Am i the only one who reacts out loud and then someone just turns their head towards you and theyre like "wtf" :")
Vkxxk-Soso7w7r Vkxxk-Soso7w7r Jul 05, 2017
Entendí... estoy embarazado y ESO!! WAU!! AMAZING SOFÍA!! 👏👏
alienllamabunny alienllamabunny Nov 10, 2017
Test doesn't make since either but you know what we gotta face harsh reality
whitneykpop whitneykpop Jun 11, 2017
Lol my friends call me kruise ship because my name is Kruise
Moonlight_Dreamer99 Moonlight_Dreamer99 Jul 31, 2016
Excuse me what's the title of the song cause I'm new to this..