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Allie By curiass Completed

The Alpha pack was disintegrated. The Darach was annihilated, and all fingers were pointed at Peter. 'Sacrifice' had taken an entirely different meaning. It wasn't just giving up going out with your friends for Family Night. Laying your life on the line was something that was never expected of the gang, but it's what a sacrifice is, by definition. Giving up something valuable for something else regarded as more worthy. What Spencer didn't know was that she would also be sacrificing her sanity to save her best friend's life. 

Danger lurks just around the corner--something Spencer has never feared. Danger was like an old friend. But she had never felt the burning flames of the wrath of a millennium-old demon, never known something of its kind. All it wants is pain and destruction. And something else.

Bodies. Able bodies. Messengers. 

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« chapter 3 of geronimo »

Deliquio Deliquio Jan 08
Oh god noooooo!!!
                              Don't let them see
                              Be the good girl you always have to be 
                              Conceal, don't feel, don't let them knooowww
                              WELL, NOW THEY KNOOOOOOWWWW!!
                              Whyyyyyy 😩😩😩😩😩
Deliquio Deliquio Jan 08
DaughterofEris1 DaughterofEris1 Jul 23, 2015
Ha nevermind we are doing 3b. Yay my favorite I'm scared but super duper excited !!
DaughterofEris1 DaughterofEris1 Jul 23, 2015
Ahhh so we are going straight to season 4 I'm kind of liking it we getting into the scarier stuff. Oh god now I'm scared for them.
passiveme passiveme Jul 23, 2015
i just love how after i finished allegiance, there was a new book waiting for me, you are amazing!