Clarissa Morgenstern

Clarissa Morgenstern

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Grace By lovingfangirl4ever Completed

Clary's POV 
I walk to the office and ask for my schedule.

"Here it is," the lady tells me," Jonathan Herondale will show you around."

"Umm who is Jonathan?" I ask.

"The name is Jace," a boy says. I turn around to see he has blonde hair and golden eyes.

"I am Clarissa," I say, "but you can call me Clary."

He looks at my schedule.

"We have all the same classes," he says.

We walk to class together and we sit next to each other. I look at my schedule.


I smile when I see I have art fourth.

"I know I am hot but you don't need to smile because of it," Jace says.

"Shut up," I say.

Someone starts laughing.

Isabelle's POV 
I start laughing when that girl tells Jace to shut up. I go over to her.

So this randomly came into my head. let me know if I should continue it.

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Bluestarfish152 Bluestarfish152 Jul 23, 2017
Mary Hailey I have dark brown hair which sometimes looks like a dark red if the sun hits my hair right it's weird I got it from my dad
xMichBunny xMichBunny Oct 25, 2017
Michelle Emberstone dark brown hair , deep brown eyes , basically chinese
QueenRaeGrayOfIllea QueenRaeGrayOfIllea Jan 28, 2017
Probably way to late for this......
                              Rachael and brown hair with blonde streaks...
RegallyDemonic_ RegallyDemonic_ Dec 03, 2016
Woah... I love art and 4 is my fav number... Somthings going on here. -_-