Study Buddy: A Chris & Miya Story

Study Buddy: A Chris & Miya Story

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"What if you find your soul mate... at the wrong time?" 
― Lauren Kate, Passion

  Foolishly, but desirably in love. One person means everything, unknowingly. Sometimes in love the love is a lesson taught. But so oblivious you are because of the words and the gestures.

Such a cliche...

Chris Scott, the captain of the basketball team, and Miya Jackson, the quiet ambitious girl. Both have so much going for them... A simple spark that turned into something more, and suddenly it's more than the cute girl tutoring him.

One moment. One love. One chance.

And sometimes that's all you'll ever get...

CB123_ CB123_ Sep 02
I have this urge to re-read & re-comment this whole book today while listening to the BTP mixtape. So that's what i'ma do. 😁
"abuse? abu- .... *takes off belt* oh i'll show yo ass abuse"
PrincessPage6 PrincessPage6 5 days ago
Momma my head hurt ...cause you always on that damn phone😂😂😂like what
"Always on the phone" like what else am I supposed to do? Because I have books on here what you want me to do other than go outside 😑😒
Nooo don't do that😥! McDonald's money is in there😨😩!
CB123_ CB123_ Sep 02
I do this all the time! Except, I'll look a person dead in their eye and zone tf out 😭