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Kidnapped (A BillDip story)

Kidnapped (A BillDip story)

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vore boy By TricksterOfLife Updated Nov 23, 2015

(A lovely pic to start the story with~)
"Damn you Bill!"
Bill chuckled and sat back, grinning. "Sorry Pine tree, must be luck."
Dipper had introduced Bill to what humans called "videogames." And to be honest, Bill was kicking Dipper's ass. They were playing a one-on-one match on Call Of Duty. Bill kept beating Dipper, which frustrated the teen very much.
"How the hell are you so good at this when we starting playing this literally an hour ago?!" Dipper cried.
"Like I said before, luck." Bill threw an arm around Dipper's shoulders and grinned, his blonde hair falling into his face.
Yes, Bill was a human now. He still had his powers, but was nonetheless a human. Mostly.
Dipper didn't know how it happened, he just knew that one day Bill showed up on the doorstep of the Mystery Shack, looking to stay there.
Dipper smiled. I'm glad he stayed here.
"I'm glad I stayed too, Pine tree."
Dipper blushed. "Fuck, I forgot you could read minds."
Bill smiled and kissed Dipper's cheek.
"Wanna go anoth...

When he said 'another round' my mind took that the wrong way 😕.... I applaud my mind. 👏👏
If you ever break up with your girlfriend you can say bye Felicia
cutie3439 cutie3439 Dec 27, 2015
That how I felt when I showed my little brother Minecraft😂❤️
ggswisscheese ggswisscheese Dec 25, 2015
Bills just like hey wanna play another round and all I can think is...Another one Another one, another one, another one, another one, another one ... Just me, ok XD
- - Nov 24, 2015
Bill did you eat all the Doritos again? 
                              Yep you did here's proof.
ThatLazyLoner ThatLazyLoner Nov 06, 2015
.O. since I quit reading FNAF STORIES I started moving on to Gravity Falls :0 :3 sexy picture btw