His Little Kitty

His Little Kitty

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"Have I told you how hard I want to fuck you against the wall" Luke says while putting his hand inside my pants.

"Please Luke, stop, we can't" I say while I bite my lip when I feel Luke rubbing my throbbing clit.

"If you really wanted me to stop, you wouldn't be so wet down here" Luke says against my ear while nibbling my earlobe.

"You know I'm always wet for you, baby" I whisper while I put my fingers on his hair and wrapping my legs around his waist.

I sense his smirk against my neck while he holds my waist and then he says while looking at me: "Want me to fuck you, Anslie?"

"Oh yes Luke, please" I say while sensing my pussy getting wetter.

"Let's go upstairs, my sexy little kitty" He says and he starts carrying me upstairs while kissing each other.

Yes, his little kitty

Ohhhhh! *waiting patiently for five minutes, starts tapping foot on the floor* GOTTA KNOW WHAT HAPPEEEENED!!!! *sits down again* I'm sorry Nat... This is just addicting🙈😍🙌😵😂👌
- - Jun 16
The cover is really cute and it reminds me of Ariana Grande bc of those kitty ears she's always wearing...
- - Feb 05
Even when she realizes that she is his he won't stop bugging her