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Amara By cindimayweather Updated Dec 10, 2017

"I can't be with someone who hates me Ethan!" He turned into a blurred vision as the unwanted tears filled my eyes. I could feel the frustration radiating from his tense body as I edged away from his touch.  

"You know I don't hate you!" I could hear the anger building in his voice, his already tense demeanour becoming even more rigid. 

"But your family does! I can't be with someone who comes from a family that can't accept who I am. I just can't!" 
Moving to Austin, Texas due to her dad's promotion, LA native Davina has to start over. Davina is trying to steer clear of trouble. But trouble is hard to avoid when she gets involved with Ethan Samuels, her elusive yet popular classmate who is a part of the notoriously influential Samuels family.

*Contains strong language

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BreezyBella BreezyBella Aug 19, 2016
To hell with him and his rude ass assistance. Talking to me like that is the quickest way to the ER.
Nix_Incarnet Nix_Incarnet Aug 16, 2016
I'm really trying to figure out who you think you talking to!?
- - Aug 18, 2016
I would've said eff that and walked off I'll find the class my damn self!
BaeVersace BaeVersace Nov 28, 2016
6th grade on top 
                              7th grade in the middle
                              8th grade on bottom
mayahannalen mayahannalen Dec 29, 2016
my hs has two buildings, main building 4 stories and science building 3😭
butimconfused butimconfused Sep 08, 2016
I'm sorry, "only" three stories high? *cries in wtf is this*