Lies of a Father ✔

Lies of a Father ✔

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Kate Sparrow By DarkOnyx_ Completed

Lying. Something we all have done, and then lied about doing it. Ironic right? But see the thing about lying is, it can cause distrust and anger. Ziva's father was the best dad anyone could ask for. Her and her siblings looked up to him and her mother adored him. It wasn't until after he was murdered that they found out her father had a past they never knew about. 
After Richard Andrews is murdered his children go digging deep into his past. They uncover a world full of violence and deceit where nothing is as it seems. Ziva decides to put together her own leverage team consisting of her overprotective brother, a mysterious new schoolmate, a hacker, and her best friend. The five of them are determined to search out the truth behind the murder and get justice for her dad, even if they aren't always working as a team. 

Follow the adventure of murder, secrets and drama and maybe even love. 

Co writer & editor, Kristy @Krypton__

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JanaeDevowe JanaeDevowe Nov 14, 2017
I love it! So engaging and interesting. I can so relate to Ziva-(interesting  name...)!
nicoletheintrovert nicoletheintrovert Apr 13, 2017
Yeah. There's a glass filled with candy next to you. Can you hang me some?
anonym_and_invisible anonym_and_invisible Jul 28, 2015
You asked about my opinion. Here it is:
                              One word:
                              Amazing. Althrough a couple more of paragraphs would be nice. Don't hate me or something.
KitKateSteff KitKateSteff Jul 16, 2015
oh my freaking soul!!!! you did that for me?! thanks, you don't know how much this means to me and also the dedication!!! Thank you so much!!!