Her (Niall Horan Fanfiction)

Her (Niall Horan Fanfiction)

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ohnoniall- By ohnoniall- Updated Jul 31, 2017

"Niall I'm not your fucking girlfriend! You can't just follow me around! Why do you care about who I go on dates with!? It's none of your business!" I was beyond pissed at him and my shouts were only getting louder and louder. 

His piercing blue eyes that I've grown to love looked at me from across the alley. Hurt was written all over his face before it quickly turned to anger. 

"For fucks sakes!" He yelled before kicking the dumpster next to him making me jump in my place. He let out a loud sigh and began to slowly walk towards me. 

"I don't know okay? I don't know why I fucken care about you so much. I just do, and it's fucking scaring me." He was no longer yelling and his face was now only inches away, trapping me between him and the wall. 

This was not the same Niall I met a month ago. He isn't supposed to care about anyone but himself. He didn't just stick to one girl, and he certainly never showed his feelings towards anyone.

"I just do." He whispered softly before cupping my face in his two hands. He looked me in the eyes and then down at my lips; and he slowly started to lean in until I felt his soft warm lips gently press against mine.