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Mated To My Brother

Mated To My Brother

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StarfireStone By StarfireStone Completed

"You're mine and no one elses" Does he even understand we're brother and sister? This can't happen, no wolf in history has ever had a blood related mate.

"I don't understand" I whispered running a hand through my messy hair. Does he understand the consequences? 

"What don't you understand, Scarlet?" He, my mate, my brother said looking deeply into my eyes. 

"Your my brother! We can't do this!" I sneered showing my canines. My wolf didn't like it but I didn't care, the moon goddess was cruel to do this to us. 

"Yes we can if you'd just sit down and let my explain everything" I stopped pacing and stared at him. 

"What are you talking about?" I asked crossing my arms, I hate secrets. 

*      *      * 

 Scarlet has a wonderful life, no she's not rich nor popular but she is loved by her pack and friends. When her 18 birthday comes, she'll find her mate which many are happy about. But who turns out to be her mate, also turns out to be her brother.

Lies will be told, secrets are revealed and in the end there may not be peace. 

{Warning: This is minorly edited but will be re-editing due to new parts also this story is very cliché and cringe worthy it makes me feel embarrassed. . .so. . .read at your own risk.}

Is she trying to kill Amy? Medicine and alcohol together are deadly. 😂😂 This book is so good so far though.
All they did was take care of you and love you though 🤷🏾‍♀️🤔
chemicalromance8 chemicalromance8 May 12, 2016
How is she going to act like that when he raised her as his own? And from what I can tell, he never treated her any different from her 'brother'
KawaiiBerries KawaiiBerries Feb 09, 2016
The meaning of a parent is someone who looks after you, loves you, looks after you when you are ill, gives you hugs, kisses you. So don't you dare girl say 'You an't my dad' sheesh
DetectivePotatoe DetectivePotatoe Jun 08, 2016
Okay but if you were adopted and treated differently from everyone else it would be another issue? 😐😕😒Women
starboyoongi starboyoongi Jun 02, 2016
I would have been like : "since I'm not your father anymore, you can go ahead and get tf out of my house, disrespectful ass kid"