Mated To My Brother

Mated To My Brother

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"We can't be together" I told him, why doesn't he understand? 

"Why, why can't we? I love you" He, my mate, my brother said with tears in his eyes.

"You're my brother, you don't love me it's just the bond" I yelled, my wolf didn't like it but I didn't care he's my brother 

"I guess I should tell you the truth now"



 Scarlet has a wonderful life, no she's not rich and popular but she is loved by her pack and has friends. When her 18 birthday comes she'll find her mate which everyone's happy about. But what happens when her mate is her brother which shocks everyone. Lies will be told, the truth will be revealed and secrets are no longer kept in the past.

{Edited but will be re-editing due to me adding new parts}

chemicalromance8 chemicalromance8 May 12, 2016
How is she going to act like that when he raised her as his own? And from what I can tell, he never treated her any different from her 'brother'
KawaiiBerries KawaiiBerries Feb 09, 2016
The meaning of a parent is someone who looks after you, loves you, looks after you when you are ill, gives you hugs, kisses you. So don't you dare girl say 'You an't my dad' sheesh
DetectivePotatoe DetectivePotatoe Jun 08, 2016
Okay but if you were adopted and treated differently from everyone else it would be another issue? 😐😕😒Women
relijeon relijeon Jun 02, 2016
I would have been like : "since I'm not your father anymore, you can go ahead and get tf out of my house, disrespectful ass kid"
Dani_is_dead Dani_is_dead Jul 01, 2016
Am I the only one thinking she is a wanna be tomboy, she acts like a girl and the skateboard thing is just a something and doing whatever you want is a human thing
Babyasia123 Babyasia123 Mar 06, 2016
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                              One giant leap for UNICORN KIND