The Boggart | Drarry

The Boggart | Drarry

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touchingword By touchingword Updated Jul 28, 2016

Harry and Draco are both in their third year of Hogwarts when Dumbledore decides to reorder everyone into houses again. Will this put a stop between the Golden Trio's friendship? Or will it bring them closer together? And what will happen when Draco and Harry get sorted into the same house?

(this thing: ~ means that there's a change of POV)

DISCLAIMER: I, unfortunately, do not own anything within the Harry Potter franchise. Not yet at least.. *throws in evil laugh* No but seriously, all rights belong to J.K. Rowling, the mother of the Harry Potter series. (I did write this book though, so the book is in my possession and the rights are reserved)

Lucius Malfoy! We do not use the Cruciatus Curse on anyone except Umbridge!
Every fuckin' time someone says "probably" and "imagined" in the same sentence, it always turns out to be fuckin' real.
                              STOP IMAGING THINGS AND START ASSUMING.
I literally just finished a fic where lucious was actual father goals so I am so disoriented rn
LaurensIsBae LaurensIsBae Sep 14, 2016
Oh God Lucius, I knew you were bad but seriously, a sweet train cart lady? Really?