Super Smash Bros. X Reader One-shots (Request Closed At The Moment)

Super Smash Bros. X Reader One-shots (Request Closed At The Moment)

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Hurneth Flamefury By Hurneth Updated Nov 02

Hello Dragon Riders!!! I am back from Gannondork's lair and I am happy to say I am still in one piece! Thanks to Link, Marth, Lucina and my besties Huntress and Scar. If it weren't for them, I wouldn't have gotten out of the crumbling fortress in time. (And I most likely would have gone insane without them) Anywho. This is a gift for all of you who have been patient for a month. I have also wanted to do this for a loooooong time. So without further a due, I give you, SSB one shots! Enjoy!

P.s. Yeah, yeah. I know I said I would update all things by the 25th. But I got excited. So I gave you this one story earlier.

And I am also writing this, in honor of Satoru Iwata.

Heroingreen Heroingreen Jul 03
((Hi there!! Could you possibly do a /Shy!Luigi x Shy!Reader/?? It sounds really cute :3))
Can I please request an Ike X Reader? A kuudere reader could be an idea but you don't have to.
Could you do a male! Infatuated! Sheik x psycho! Fem! Reader
MaskedMaria MaskedMaria Apr 17
Um you probably have a lot of requests so you don't have to do this but could you do a Corrin x reader please
I know that you have a lot of requests but could you do Dark Pit X Male!reader?
Could you do Cloud x Sad! Reader?? Um...Cloud tries to make her feel better??