Your Love, My Drug(boyxboy)

Your Love, My Drug(boyxboy)

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Ms. Valdez By Lonesome_Fire Completed

***Book 1 : Your Love series***

Somethings aren't as they seem. They never really are. 
He was probably dropped as a baby and it now resulted in his mental state today. I have seen how he is, I know he watches me, I see him doing it. I don't know though if it should make me feel the way I do. I don't have a clue. 

He is so handsome and he is all mine, who would have thought that I, Oliver would be so blessed with such a loving boyfriend like him. It is almost to good to be true. 

~Perhaps it is to good to be true, or mabye it isn't even close to the truth. Is it really love that Oliver feels? I don't know, but tune in and find out what is in store for little Oliver.

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Hermosa_Z Hermosa_Z Apr 27
This dude's just like me. When I find someone hot and my friends or family don't, I just say "he's not hot? You ain't interested? Well good coz that just means I can have him all to myself"
Dean_please Dean_please Nov 08, 2016
I wish I had the guts to do this every time a girl flirts with my 'husband' 😫
SabineTheWriter SabineTheWriter Mar 03, 2016
I'm like nervously laughing bc idk how else to react to this
SabineTheWriter SabineTheWriter Mar 03, 2016
😱😱😱😱😱😱😲😲😵😵😵😧😧😦😦😮😮😮😕😕😯😯😶😶😶 okay oliver is scaring me
sounds like one of those names teachers mispronounce on purpose in front of a crowd
RainbowUnicorns69 RainbowUnicorns69 Dec 30, 2016
Dude, is there something wrong with him? Because he's definitely not okay