The Tempting Boss (BWHM)(Interracial Romance)

The Tempting Boss (BWHM)(Interracial Romance)

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her By awebabe Updated Sep 25, 2017

"I heard you needed a job" the 27 year old, tall, muscular and sexy male said to me. He took his cigar into his mouth, inhaling the suicide stick, and exhaling the smoke. 

"Um, yeah." I said, staring at the cigar, not wanting to give him any eye-contact.

"Let me stop you right there, Miss Hunter" Dimitrious Ashford walked over to me & lifted my chin up and I instantly feared him, afraid he would hurt me like Max did. Its, "Yes, Sir." or "Yes, Mr. Ashford" to you." His deep voice spoke, breathe smelling of mint, whiskey and cigar.
Just moved from Miami Florida to Los Angeles California, 19 year olds, Caroline Hunter and Lucy Gabriel were out against the world. 

Well not really.

Lucy Gabriel, Carolines best friend since 9th grade, moved to one of the most popularist cities in the United States. Lucy moved not for the great city lights, nor the famous people who walked the streets of Los Angeles, but for her not so faithful "boyfriend" she loved. "I want a boyfriend like those ones from Wattpad." quote Lucy Gabriel.

Unlike Lucy, Caroline was different. She moved to Los Angeles for a better reason. To find herself. Back in Miami, she had a rough pass. Abusive ex boyfriend, financial debts, and no one was willing to support her. 

Caroline had wanted a fresh start. To find who she really was. To become someone.

All of this is suddenly flipped when she bumps in the elevator with a guy she recently met, becoming good friends, nothing more, nothing less.

Nick Johns, her new guy friend, showed her into the business life of Los Angeles, where her life instantly gets flipped upside-down when she meets Dimitrious Ashford.

WARNING- for mature audiences only (or who are cool enough to read a story and not freak out about some things)

• foul language 
• a lot sexual scenes
• a few violence scenes

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  • badboy
  • black
  • boyfriend
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Road2Woodbury Road2Woodbury Sep 26, 2017
I'm with the narrator, I would rather be trying to find my place
blackpettygirl blackpettygirl Mar 20, 2016
I won't even jump to conclusion cause the last time that happened..... Let's just say it was embarrassing AF😑😅
blackpettygirl blackpettygirl Mar 20, 2016
Boi please stop you're already setting yourself up for failure, smdh
blackpettygirl blackpettygirl Mar 20, 2016
If I every told any of my family members or friends I did that they'd slap me so hard I'd start to question MY sanity 😂😂
TeammB_23 TeammB_23 Aug 28, 2016
No bitch your a lunatic 💩 what you needed to do was sell it so you could get some money 😒
xxanonymouswriterx xxanonymouswriterx Feb 17, 2016
Anything ... As in giving you your mail if it end up in my box 😂😂😂