My Wolf (BoyxBoy) (Completed)

My Wolf (BoyxBoy) (Completed)

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Chloe By Writer92 Completed

Book 4 in the My Mate series

Ryder is happy with his girlfriend of three years but is disappointed when he turns 18 and discovers that she isn’t his mate. However her older brother Ambrose comes home from college and Ryder unfortunately is feeling himself drawn to the straight man.

Riley has always loved teasing and frightening his cousin Leo, but when he turns 18 and discovers that his cousin is actually his mate can he get Leo to trust him? Will Joe let them be together?

If that wasn’t enough they both are preparing to fight for the new role of Alpha of their Dads pack. 

Sophie claims to have not found her mate yet but why is she always staring at bully and jerk Donnie?

Logan and Johnny struggle in their relationship as Johnny’s dream career as a movie director starts to become real and he wants to move to LA while Logan is ready to get married and has to stay in town for the pack.

Haden6 Haden6 Feb 05, 2016
Do people actually stick out their tongues?? It's just weird & guys barely do that -_-
- - Apr 04, 2016
Best beginning by far. I'm glad it didn't end up being like some cliche part where instead the gut magically excepts it or that the main dude freaks out.
- - Apr 04, 2016
Oh no I just noticed your not using proper quotation marks for dialogue. 😔 I got caught up I to the story, the first chapter had very little dialogue so I missed it. It's fine, still great.
JulianeO1 JulianeO1 Apr 11, 2016
Everyone saw that coming I wish it was Donnie that would be the ultimate plot twist
o0Septiplier0o o0Septiplier0o Nov 19, 2015
Like when my brother tore off my blankets and started beating me with it?