Naruto of the Mist (Naruto FF)

Naruto of the Mist (Naruto FF)

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KarmasFoe By KarmasFoe Updated Jun 18, 2016

Naruto was born 2 years before the Kyubi attack and so doesn't hold it within him, instead his younger sister Mito does who was born on that night. Naruto's parents survive the attack, instead it is Sarutobi who sacrifices himself so that they can raise their family and protect the village. However not all goes well when after the attack his parents start to focus more on Mito than on Naruto, this leads to them Neglecting him of their love to the point were on the night of his 7th birthday, he runs away from Konoha. He is eventually found by some ninja from the mist, where one of their known weapons has chosen him to be their master, we all that that Samehada was the only sentient sword out of the seven, that isn't the case, the others just haven't found master yet. Enter Naruto, The Dragon in the Mist.

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Haku-Yuki Haku-Yuki Aug 25, 2017
Okay, so I tend to put myself in characters shoes when reading.. And just, the "my parents will never feel he same about me again" part really broke me because I actually do love my parents irl and I'd be heartbroken to know they won't love me anymore too :">
R.I.P kashina and Minato
                              REST IN PAIN KASHINA AND MINATO 
                              I do not regret this
MyKitsune_21 MyKitsune_21 May 23, 2017
DAMN YOU ,YOU HAVE HARMED MY KIT FOR THE LAST TIME PATHETIC HUMANS!!!!! *said kuruma in different universe*
El_Asakura El_Asakura Feb 13
One time i made a mental age test and it said 30 years , i was like "Chill , i still got 18 yrs to that "
Haku-Yuki Haku-Yuki Aug 25, 2017
Everytime Minito is said I keep imagining minato with a sma– actually nvm
Haku-Yuki Haku-Yuki Aug 25, 2017
I read it as "His father's father, minito" and went "What tf kinda name is Minito?!"