Love Defined

Love Defined

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To Piper Baker, love is a hoax simply created to brainwash us all into believing life isn't as bad as it seems. She knows better though. Piper knows not to trust in the unreliability of love but to rather focus on what she can control- the opening of her specialty bake store. 

But Piper is soon going to find that life is filled with surprises and when you have a mother like Anne Baker, not believing in love is not an option. 

When Piper's mother signs her up on a dating website, Piper is torn between sticking to her anti-love ways or embracing the possibility of a life companion. Add in the gorgeous landlord, Scott Daniels and suddenly Piper's structured life becomes all kinds of chaotic. 

But maybe somewhere along the line Piper may discover the true definition of love and maybe she might just become a believer in it too.

13/02/16- #57 in Chicklit.

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GoldenWingz GoldenWingz Sep 01, 2015
i loved the extended summary, it didn't give away the whole story. It also helps the reader know what they are in store for so they can decided to continue reading or not.
BlackKnight77 BlackKnight77 Aug 24, 2015
Whoa two guys? Haha, that's gonna be tough for her. Urgh, I hate it when the MC loves both of them and finds it hard to choose x( however, I have a feeling that this isn't going to be your usual cliché story. Good job:)
Justinabus Justinabus Aug 22, 2015
I love that you put the summary at the beginning! great way to start
LMareeApps LMareeApps Aug 16, 2015
Sounds fun!  In case you missed it in proofreading, you've got Pipers' where it should be Piper's. Only mention it because it's one of those ones that often slips through no matter how often you read over it :)
bonbonsandbooks bonbonsandbooks Aug 05, 2015
Love her name. Cute idea. And they had messaged me back btw to let me know we can use 1st persons voice or 3rd. So no worries on that!! :) So I look forward to reading more. And on with the contest!!
FallonDeMornay FallonDeMornay Aug 04, 2015
Sounds like such a cute little rom com. Instantly makes me think of that Diane Keaton/ Mandy Moore flick Because I Said So. I'm curious to understand why Piper is so anti-love. I kinda feel like it's a tad drastic if her only basis is her parents failed marriage. Has she been jilted, too?